Southside Print London Bridge 

Who Are They?

They are designers

When you’re spending good money on high quality printing, it makes sense to use the services of qualified graphic designers to communicate your sales or marketing message in an eye-catching, attractive and effective way. There in-house creative team can cater for all your design and artwork needs whether it’s for print, for exhibitions, for large format display or for websites.

We’re digital printers

They are also digital printers. Printing using this state-of-the-art electronic process means that your sales and marketing literature is printed in no time at all and that it’s affordable to produce as few as one copy — or several thousand — without the need for printing plates. This alone can save you a whole heap of money! The quality of the output is exceptionally good.


Who Are They?

We’re litho printers

Southside Print London Bridge is also a litho printer, with facilities in-house. Lithographic printing is the only choice when the quality has to be absolutely top-notch, when the paper needs to be a little out of the ordinary or when ‘spot’ colours need to be printed, e.g. metallics, fluorescents etc. It’s also the most cost-effective process if the printing quantity is high.

Large format printers

Southside Print London Bridge is also a large format printer. Our in-house facilities are suitable for large posters and in-store display graphics, roller banners, exhibition stands, display panels, pop-up exhibition systems (which are supplied with wheeled transportation cases) and point-of-sale (POS) graphics and signage. The output quality is truly excellent.

Words from our Club chairman

'We absolutely appreciate Southside Print for believing in the club from the very beginning and we are forever grateful and honoured to have Southside Print our Official U16s Sponsor'

(Jermaine Lovell - Club Chairman)

Thank you Southside Print

from Everybody at the club 

for being our Official Sponsor

'All your Printing needs check them out and have your business stand out from the crowd.



They a Digital based development company

Interfacing the future: Conjure is a London-based digital experience company developing daring, original applications for emerging technology platforms as well as providing UX and UI design services to our global client base of major brands and disruptive startups.

Who Are They?

HMI Production 

Through multiple programs for the automotive and motorcycle industry, we have developed a class-leading HMI design and development pipeline spanning six key steps.

Virtualized Production 

Utilizing the latest VR hardware we virtualize control systems, HMIs and IVIs in order to design, test and validate the products of tomorrow.

Words from our Committee Members

'Its Fantastic to have onboard a business who support our club in its development with the Under 13s and we are all delighted to have them onboard'

(Southwark Dynamos Committee)


We are delighted to welcome 

Conjure as the official 

Under 13s Sponsors