Our Development

Our Grassroot Development

Southwark Dynamos we pride ourself on

training and developing players to their full potential. Our Training and development consist on practical sessions with specially designed drills working on Agility, Strength conditioning, Endurance and Speed all of which develops the boys physically and mentally for match days. Our other element of development is theory in which we study set play and formations which the boys are expected to incorporate into there play.

What Makes a

Great Player?

We have brilliant facilities here at Bacons College sports ground 'Improving their football is our aim'

''They work on lots on Intense Training session which improve their fitness''

(Club Secretary - Caroline Nicholson)

Great football players not only understand how to play the game but they understand the concept of how to read the play. Our football club is built on developing the players in structuring their understanding on and off the field. Our club provide the players with the tools in which will enhance their play. The concept of our development is so that recreate the element of enjoyment for all our players to enjoy across the grassroot level while still competing across the league and cup competitions.

We have the support and encouragement from our chairman who understands that at this level of their football its essential for us to impact the players to the best degree. We have spent money on equipment which our coaches carefully craft together the physical element of development. Scholarships and further training courses are avenues we encourage all our players who wish to persue their career in football with semi professional and professional clubs. We've been at the heart of coaching previous teams who have competed in league tournaments and our head coach has competed in League tournaments where he has won the league consistently for two season back to back as a sunday league player and now undergoes training to complete his coaching badges. This club was built with the sole purpose to encourage young people and provide a platform away from the antisocial crisis devastatingly effecting young people across our community.

We take on players with the sheer passion and understanding that we're here to help coach and develop their footballing skills to be able to grow and further at opportunities presented to them whether they are scouted, offered trails and recognised but larger clubs. We constantly liaise with Clubs up and down the country for trails for our players who work hard to enhance their football.