Food Parcel Delivery

During Lockdown across Southwark & London

Unity is Strength is what springs into mind when we think of Community and supporting our community is the fore front of what we do especially with the uncertainty around COVID -19 which sadly took the lives of so many during 2020.

Food Parcel delivery has become a huge part of us supporting families and elderly who may be faced with redundancy, health complication which may have effected their everyday ability to travel for shopping essentials.

2020 were funded over £6,500 which saw the football club successfully deliver food parcels to over 65 families and elderly across Southwark for over 16 weeks in areas highly affected by COVID-19, including communities with huge families. Thank you to Sport England, Southwark Council who funded our project which still continues into 2021 with the funds of the football club.

Huge Thank you to Edibles London who we have partnered up with who carry out phenomenal work support local charities, youth clubs and families across London.


Simply because of LOVE, COMPASSION and Community spirit to demonstrate solidarity during these uncertain times to restore Hope, Faith and bring smiles back into our community at no cost.

If we can support you, A family member or someone who may be Vurnable, Elderly please do not hesitate to contact us - Contact telephone 07760 955978.


We would love to hear from you from Food donations to funding support.

Feel free to support our Go fund me page to allow the club to continue to deliver to our community.

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Jermaine -

Telephone: 07760 955978

Why do we continue to deliver and support our community?

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Food Delivery in 2021

as we support communities across London

Food Parcel Delivery

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